Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation helps you find an outcome you can live with.

I can help you with...

Parenting Conferences


Help you both discuss what the arrangements for your children can be like. How often they live with each parent. Spending time over the school holidays. Time for special occasions. How the decision-making will work. How best to communicate about the kids. 

If there is an agreement, I will prepare an outline of that agreement, which can then become a Parenting Plan, or can be used to accompany an Application for Consent Orders (Form 11) to the Family Court to make into Court Orders. 

Child Inclusive Approach


 If you would like to further enhance your mediation outcome, consider using a "child inclusive approach". This approach works towards further improving the way you as parents work together for the benefit of your children. It also provides your children with an opportunity to let you know how they are travelling in a fun, safe and supportive environment. A specialised "Child Consultant" conducts this part of the mediation process.

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Child Inclusive Approach. 

Section 60I / 66H Certificates


 For parenting matters, if you feel you have no other option but to commence Family Court proceedings regarding your child/ren, the Family Law requires that you obtain a Certificate to show that you have at least attempted to engage in family dispute resolution first. There are situations where you do not have to get a Certificate first - please seek legal advice from a Family Lawyer about your situation. 

As a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner accredited by the Commonwealth Attorney General's office, I am authorised to issue you a Certificate in particular situations. 

I can explain more about this when we meet. 

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Property Conferences


How should your Asset Pool be divided? 

Take into account what you both have now. What you both did to get you where you are now. What you both might need moving forward. Reaching an informed position that you both can lived with. 

I will create a "Schedule of Assets and Liabilities" for you. This Schedule is a comprehensive spreadsheet that lists your the assets and liabilities that make up your asset pool, the agreed values, who owns or is responsible for each item, and what you propose to happen with each item eg: you keep the house, they keep the car, etc. The Schedule then shows you the effect of your proposal in terms of percentages. 

If you reach an in-principle agreement, I can prepare an outline of what you have agreed to. If you choose to, you can submit your in-principle agreement and the Schedule with an Application for Consent Orders to the Family Court to make your binding and final.