Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation helps you find an outcome you can live with.


Julie (parent) (parenting matters)

"JD is a very professional, non-judgmental, calm and appropriate in managing all points of the mediation process. JD is a highly skilled mediator. He has a non-biased approach, and an ability to manage difficult issues and points of discussion in a non-threatening way, whilst maintaining focus and a clear direction. 

I highly recommend his service."

Jo (parent) (parenting & property matters)

"100% satisfied. I felt very confident with the information provided and the outcome of the session. Being reminded that the safety of the children is paramount and that it is my responsibility to keep them safe. JD's service is very affordable, understandable, relatable and considerate. I came away with a sense of relief after our meeting, knowing that even though I am on the Family Court journey and it will be difficult, it is the right avenue for my children and I. I absolutely have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend JD's service."

John (parent) (parenting matters)

 "JD has a physical presence tempered with a firm, decisive, yet calm demeanour. He was empathetic without being condescending. When I overreached as to my expectations or vented my frustration with the 'system', JD patiently explained the difference between 'negotiation' and counselling and brought me back on 'track'. Keep up the good work. You cannot solve every person's problem, but your professionalism is appreciated."

Andrew (parent) (parenting matters)

"Thanks again for your help through this process. It was quite intimidating having never been through it but your professionalism and genuine care for outcomes is very appreciated. Despite the neutrality of your role, it was comforting to be handled with respect and kindness and I very much appreciated it."

Mac (parent) (property matters)

"I am very satisfied with JD's service. I appreciated JD's considerations of my circumstances and my confidentiality. How JD prepared the spreadsheets based on each other's views were helpful."

Carla (Lawyer)

"I am very satisfied with your service. The manner in which you facilitated and maintained a respectful conversation was appreciated. I have recommended you to other practitioners."

Richard (Lawyer)

"I always place you as 1 of the 3 FDR practitioners that I recommend to clients when they come to see me before doing FDR."

Abigail (Barrister)

 "Dear JD, I would like to thank you for your generosity in supervising me. I did find the experience incredibly rewarding and to have seen how you support conflicting parties in search for what they might be able to live with, was nothing short of inspiring. While the circumstances and personalities of the parties varied, what clearly reoccurred was the parties leaving the room at the end of the mediation as if the weight of the world had been lifted from their shoulders. Reducing people's suffering isn't in any of the FDRP reading materials as such. I feel lucky to have been placed with someone who is so mindful as well as highly skilled"